LED Indoor Lighting

Top Brands

Choose from a huge selection of LED commercial lighting from Bees Lighting. Commercial fixtures include high bays, recessed troffers, flat panels, strip lights, wraparounds, wet location and vaportight fixtures, refrigeration and cooler lights, recessed downlights, and LED lamp ready fixtures.

Bees Lighting is the leading supplier of top brands including Lithonia, Cree, Maxlite, and RAB Lighting.

LED High Bay

High bay fixtures are ideal for industrial and commercial environments. They are specifically designed for high mounted installations to provide general ambience lighting and made to deliver very high lumen output.

LED Panel and Troffer

Typically coming in 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 feet sizes, troffers/panels are suited to provide illumination specifically for commercial, office, school, hospital and any other similar spaces.

LED Strip Light and Wraparound

Built for general purpose ambient or task lighting applications. These strip/wraparound fixtures provide surface mounted lighting and can be made to easily mount to a wall or ceiling.

LED Wet Location Vapor Tight

Wet location fixtures are built with vapor tight housing to protect the light source from water and dirt. Wet Location fixtures are ideal for car wash operations, tunnels, stairwells and parking garages.

LED Lamp Ready Fixtures

T8 ready fixtures are set-up to be customized by the installers and adopt the energy saving benefits of LED technology. They can come in strip, wet location, and high bay types.

LED Recessed Downlight

LED downlight commercial lighting provide lighting solution for new construction applications including offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other buildings that want to reduce maintenance and energy consumption without sacrificing quality of light.

LED Vaporproof/Hazardous Lighting

LED vaporproof fixtures are specifically designed for environments where protection from dust, moisture, flammable materials or gases, and larger objects is required. Choose from ceiling mounted or wall mounted fixtures.

LED Refrigeration and Cooler Light

Specifically designed to work in applications such as stock rooms, cold storage, and coolers, these innovated and environmentally friendly LED refrigeration fixtures provide lighting solutions to lower utility bills and minimize maintenance concerns.