LED Area Lights - LED Flood Lights - LED Shoebox Fixtures

LED outdoor site lighting includes LED area lights, LED flood lights, and LED shoebox fixtures. Choose from a huge selection of LED outdoor fixtures with different mounting styles like side arm mount, slipfitter, trunnion mount, yoke mount, knuckle mount, or wall mount. LED area lights and LED flood lights provide bright lighting for general open spaces, parks, parking lots, car dealerships, and docks. These LED fixtures come in shoebox, slim, and traditional sizes. LED outdoor light fixtues are perfect to replace metal halide or HPS fixtures because LED lights are more energy efficient, resulting in more cost and energy savings in the long run.

LED Pole Lights

LED shoebox fixtures are mainly used for general area lighting that require high-output light. LED pole lights can be used for parking lot lights, school campuses, shopping malls and parks. Outdoor LED area lights are typically mounted on a pole with a side arm or slipfitter mount. The typical light distribution options for LED parking lot lights area Type III, Type IV and Type V. Another factor to determine the appropriate LED area light is the mounting height, anywhere from 10 feet to 50 feet. LED shoebox area lights can replace up to 1000 watts metal halide fixtures.

LED shoebox area light
LED dusk to dawn area light

LED Dusk to Dawn Area Lights

Dusk to dawn LED area lights save more energy and provide more savings by turning the fixture on only at night or when the light level becomes low. The automatic on and off function also reduces maintenance costs and can improve the fixture lifespan. LED dusk to dawn fixtures have a built-in photocell to activate the light. Some applications include parks, street corners, parking lots, and alleys. LED dusk to dawn lights when combined with a motion sensor are also used for outdoor security lighting for residential and commercial areas.

LED Post Top Lights

LED post top lights are energy efficient alternatives to metal halide and HPS area lights and street lights for parks, pathways, and pole lamps. LED post top fixtures are installed on top of poles and have a Type V distribution that lights up a round area. Post top lamps can be used for decorative outdoor applications and come in different shapes, sizes and color finishes. Choose from different color temperatures like warm white, neutral white or cool white. LED post top area lights are low maintenance and have better light quality than traditional post top lamps.

LED post top lights
LED barn light

LED Yard Lights and LED Barn Lights

LED yard lights and LED barn lights are area lights equipped with a photocell to light up the side and interior of barns, farm buildings and driveways. These are small-scale LED dusk to dawn area lights that can be used for rural areas like farms and horse arenas, as well as residential areas like alleys, garages and parking lots. LED barn lights usually come with a prismatic drop lens to diffuse the light and provide bright and even lighting to general open spaces or inside stables. The built-in photocell sensor turns the light on automatically at night and turns off during the day. These dusk to dawn yard light fixtures can be mounted to the wall with a wall plate or to a pole with an optional mounting arm.

LED Shoebox Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit lamps can replace metal halide or HPS shoebox area lights and post top lights. LED retrofit for metal halide area light and post top have a near 360° omni-directional beam angle to cover larger areas and provide better light quality. LED retrofit bulbs easily fit into shoebox fixtures or post top lamps with an E26 Edison base or E39 mogul base. These retrofit fixtures are easy to install and require minimal maintenance to reduce overhead costs. Switching to LED from HID is ideal for applications like parks, walkways, parking lots and street lights.

LED retrofit for shoebox fixture
LED shoebox flood light

LED Shoebox Flood Lights

LED shoebox fixtures also function as flood lights because they are similar in shape to large-scale traditional flood lights. LED shoebox flood lights are typically used for football fields, car dealerships and building facades, and are mounted with a slipfitter, trunnion, yoke or wall bracket. What makes shoe box flood lights different from area lights is the distribution type. LED flood lights use beam spread classified by its NEMA type. The NEMA beam spread measures the horizontal and vertical spread of the light that range from very narrow (NEMA 1x1) to very wide (NEMA 7x7). LED shoebox flood lights have varying color temperatures like 3000K war white, 4000K cool white and 5000K coool white.

LED Commercial Flood Lights

Commercial LED flood lights are used for applications that require high lumen output like shipping docks, football fields, stadiums, arenas and signage. For lighting for larger spaces, LED commercial flood lights can provide up to 60,000 lumens in a wide beam angle. Large LED flood lights also come in narrow, medium NEMA beam spreads. These outdoor flood light fixtures can be mounted slipfitter, yoke, trunnion or knuckle mount depending on the desired angle and coverage area. LED commercial flood lights can replace up to 1500 watts metal halide flood lights.

LED commercial flood light
LED flood light

LED Flood Lights

Traditional LED outdoor flood lights are used for small-scale applications like gardens, residential areas and building facades. LED flood lights serve as accent lighting or wall wash fixtures for museums and building facades, flag poles, monuments and signage. Flood light fixtures can be mounted on a pole, wall or on the ground using a slipfitter, trunnion, yoke, or knuckle mount. Small LED flood lights can provide up to 7000 lumens and replace up to 175 watt metal halide fixtures for more energy efficient lighting in public spaces.

LED Bullet Flood Lights

LED directional flood lights are used for landscape and accent lighting applications. LED bullet flood lights have spot or medium flood beam angles to provide directional light on pathways, statues, flag poles, trees, water fountains and gardens. Bullet flood fixtures come with a knuckle mount for ground installation. Choose from different color finishes to match the landscape design. LED bullet flood lights come in warm white, neutral white and cool white color temperatures.

LED bullet flood light