LED Area Light - LED Flood Light - LED Shoebox Fixtures

LED outdoor site lighting includes LED area lights, LED flood lights, and LED shoebox fixtures. Choose from a huge selection of LED outdoor fixtures with different mounting styles like side arm mount, slipfitter, trunnion mount, yoke mount, knuckle mount, or wall mount. LED area and flood lights provide bright LED lighting for general open spaces, parks, parking lots, car dealerships, and docks. These LED fixtures come in shoebox, slim, and traditional sizes. LED outdoor light fixtues are perfect to replace metal halide or HPS fixtures because LED lights are more energy efficient, resulting in more cost and energy savings in the long run.

LED Shoebox Area/Flood Light

LED shoebox fixtures are ideal for general area lighting that require high-ouput light. Shoebox fixtures can be LED area lights or LED flood lights that can be mounted on a pole or wall with a side arm, yoke, trunnion, or slipfitter. LED outdoor area lights can replace up to 1000 watts MH fixtures.

LED Commercial Flood Light

Commercial LED flood lights are used for applications that require high lumen output like shipping docks, football fields and stadiums. These outdoor flood light fixtures can be mounted slipfitter, yoke, trunnion or knuckle depending on the desired angle and coverage area. LED commercial flood lights can replace up to 1500 watts MH fixtures.

LED Flood Light

Traditional LED outdoor flood lights are used for small-scale applications like gardens, residential areas and building facades. LED flood lights can be mounted with a slipfitter, trunnion, yoke, or knuckle mount. LED traditional flood lights can replace up to 175 watt MH fixtures.

LED Bullet Flood Light

LED directional flood lights are used for landscape and accent lighting applications. LED bullet flood lights have spot or medium flood beam angles to provide accent light on pathways and gardens. Bullet flood fixtures come with a knuckle mount for ground installation.

LED Area/Flood Light
LED Area/Flood Light