LED Canopy Lights

Choose from a huge selection of outdoor LED canopy lights from Bees Lighting. LED outdoor canopy fixtures have a variety of applications and can be used for covered walkways, entryways, tunnels, parking structures, patios, porches, carports, petroleum canopies and gas stations. These fixtures can be surface mount with a junction box or suspended mount with a pendant or hook and chain. LED canopy lights are more energy efficient than traditional outdoor lights by providing longer operation hours, less maintenance and easier installation. Outdoor ceiling canopy lights come in 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K cool white color temperatures for bright and uniform lighting all over the place. LED outdoor fixtures can replace up to 1000 watts metal halide and HPS fixtures at a fraction of the wattage and cost. Choose from round LED canopy lights and square LED canopy lights with features like wet location IP65 rating, DLC certificate and 90 CRI.

Square LED Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights provide uniform distribution and precision optics for outdoor ceiling applications. Traditional outdoor ceiling fixtures require more maintenance and have shorter rate life than LED ceiling fixtures. Square LED canopy lights can replace up to 400 watts metal halide lamps for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. The square shape gives it a more traditional look with either a drop lens for diffused light or a flat lens for direct light. These outdoor luminaires can be installed flush mount, recessed mount or pendant mount into covered walkways and entryways, patios, car washes, loading areas, storage rooms, small warehouses, carports and commercial parking garages.

Round LED Canopy Lights

Round LED canopy lights have a more slim and decorative look to complement the design of the ceiling. LED canopy light fixtures can be divided into general outdoor ceiling lights for canopies, or parking garage lights for parking structures and carports. LED round canopy lights can be mounted direct to the ceiling with a junction box or with a pendant mount. Choose between bronze and white outdoor ceiling lights in cool white and with dimmable option. Replace up to 250 watts HID fixtures for better energy consumption and more cost savings.

LED Outdoor Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights for outdoor applications provide a more decorative look for porches, patios, covered walkways and store entrances. Choose among various color finishes, designs and shapes for a more contemporary design on the ceiling. LED outdoor ceiling lights are wet location rated and come in cool white and warm white color temperatures. These ceiling lights are surface mount to a variety of exterior commercial and residential applications.

LED Gas Station Lights

LED canopy lights for gas station canopies provide high-performance optics with a slim profile for petroleum stations, gas pump areas and drive-through locations. LED gas station lights have flexible installation and can retrofit into existing canopies and surface mount boxes. Mounting accessories are available to cover up larger holes for a cleaner look. LED gas station fixtures can replace up to 1000 watts metal halide for a brighter light with more energy savings. LED gas station lighting is easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

LED Canopy Light Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits for canopy lights use LED HID retrofit bulbs to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps in outdoor canopy fixtures. LED canopy light retrofit bulbs have a different design than LED corn bulbs and have a directional design that points the light downwards with no uplight. Switching to LED retrofit bulbs greatly decreases power consumption while still providing the same amount of light or more. Retrofitting to LED is very easy with medium base E26 or mogul base E39 bulbs that simply install into the existing fixture.

LED canopy lights
LED gas station lights